Welcome to the MyneCraft Portal!

Here you can find info, updates, and other goodies regarding MyneCraft!


AsyncWorldEdit plugin added

Together with AsyncWorldEdit, copying and pasting enormous chucks of land is a piece of cake! No more server crashes from low memory! Praise be Zeus!

MyneCraft, now with more Spigot!

The server now runs on Spigot instead of CraftBukkit. This helps the server run much more smoothly and efficiently.

New server spawn…Mount Olympus!


Together with Bitslane’s and Cmrowlee’s help, we will be installing Mount Olympus as the new server spawn in the upcoming days. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend!

Chess and Checkers reset mechanism improved

Using the /clone command, I was able to eliminate almost 200 command blocks with only TWO, and it works even more reliably than before!




MyneCraft got a website!

Welcome to the first MyneCraft website!

This probably should have been done years ago, but at least it’s done now. Head over to the forums or join the server using any of the following domains/IPs:



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