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Mega Parkour Completed

CaptureThe Mega Parkour is finally complete! After loads of hard work thias amazing build has been completed. You can play it now by going to /warp Parkour and then find it in there.

Server issue fixed.

Single corrupt chunk, had to delete it and regen it. Hope it’s the last…


Having strange crashes, people unable to log in. Investigating…

Casino, Split or Steal, and Marathon greatly improved!

Marathon is now completely automated, just like PvP/Monster Arena and Hurdles. No more stupid referee stuff!

Split or Steal has been updated a bit, it looks nicer and is slightly more functional. It’s now less confusing and has infinite books so they don’t all get stolen.


Split or Steal:


This fixes a lot of problems with the Casino, should be less easy to grief and cheat.

Lookin’ good!

PvP/Monster arena greatly improved

Now it’s fully automated!


Hurdles have been updated

Using the /clone command and a timer, hurdles are much better and no longer require a referee!


Forums have been fixed!

Tweaked a little CSS to make it more readable, looks like the forums plugin can stay!

Vote for your favorite Mount Olympus location!

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Well, it’s time to decide where to put Mount Olympus! Cast your vote while you can, because you might not have the option long! You get 3 votes, so make ’em count!

Vote here:

What was your favorite spawn location?

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Forums are being worked on

Something is funky with the forums, so I will be looking into getting new forum software more compatible with this website.

Right now the forums work, but they are hard to read unless you specifically change your text color to black before posting. It’s up to you if you decide to post.

Friendlier entrance messages added

Now the welcome messages are more consistent and maybe not so annoying and more useful.

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